Best cheap 13 inch tires: Reviews and buying advice 1

Best cheap 13 inch tires: Reviews and buying advice

Are you looking for cheap 13 inch tires ?. Here are our pick for cheap 13 inch tires. You can quickly check the list below and scroll down for the detail list to read more detail about the product and reviews from other customers.

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Marathon 4.00-6" Pneumatic (Air Filled) Tire on Wheel, 3" Hub, 5/8" Bearings

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Best cheap 13 inch tires: Reviews and buying advice 2
as of January 2, 2020 2:35 pm

Marathon Industries 20081P 4.00-6" Pneumatic (air filled) wheelbarrow tire with ribbed tread - 3" Centered hub - 5/8" Ball bearings - 13" Tire diameter

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Used it on my wheelbarrow where it replaced my old, mostly flat, old tire and wheel exactly. This replaced the entire wheel containing the bearings and all. It was easy to replace and recommend it as a good buy.We seem to be getting questions on the dimensions of the shaft, etc..Here is a photo of the tire attached to my wheelbarrow with dimensions.
Quality product at 40% of what Ace Hardware wanted for this replacement wheel for my True Temper Wheel Barrow. Unlike the original. it has a bearing surface for the axle shaft with a zertz fitting to grease. Immediate, rapid orde fulfillment and shipping. It arrived 5 days after I ordered it (which included a 3-day holiday weekend).
This is a nice tire for my wheel barrow. One issue as reported by others. The grease fitting was stripped. Because the fitting was a cheap imported fitting, it did not self thread into the center hub right and it was stripped. Soft crappy material. I was going to return the tire, but decided it was easier to install a USA made grease fitting myself rather than spend the time and gas to package up and return the tire and hope the next one was better. These style fitting self thread. Being careful, I installed a new fitting and am good to go.

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Westlake RP18 4 Radial Tire-155/80R13 79T

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Best cheap 13 inch tires: Reviews and buying advice 2
as of January 2, 2020 2:35 pm


Item Weight13.5 pounds
Product Dimensions22.8 x 22.8 x 6.2 inches
California residentsClick here for Proposition 65 warning
Item model number24160017
Manufacturer Part Number24160017
Cover IncludedTire
Special Featurestread_wear_indicator
Section Width155 millimeters
Aspect Ratio80
Rim Diameter13 inches
Load Index Rating79
Speed RatingT
Tread Depth9 thirty_seconds_inches

When it comes to knowing roads, Westlake Tires have passed the true tests of time and geography. Since 1958, Westlake Tires, has been manufacturing a full line of top quality tires that have been confidently treading roads in North America, Europe, Asia, Australia and Africa. Westlake Tires have...

User reviews

Great tires, got them installed on my 2000 Chevy metro and they are pretty quiet and handle good. I had read other reviews from people saying that they got old tires but all of mine were from this year. One of the tires had a bulge on the sidewall, wasn't very big but still a safety concern to me so I ordered a replacement and got it within a couple days so I was able to send back the defective one. Overall I'm very happy with these tires, we'll see how long they last, at the time of installation my odometer was at 270,000 miles
Well I’ve had these tires on for about 500 or so miles. Could not be happier! I seen a lot of mixed reviews, but it seemed the people who had troubles with these tires were people putting them on heavy trailers. I put them on a 1985 Toyota Tercel I drive a lot, I mounted them myself and have been happy with the ride so far. For the price you really can’t go wrong. If I have any troubles with the tire that is not directly caused by me (I’m rather hard on tires as it is) I will let you know, but ass of the first 500 miles. They’re shining!
Bought 4 for my 1996 Toyota Tercel, had them professionally installed, and everything has been SMOOTH riding ever since - literally! I saved nearly 50% on a new set of tires by buying them on Amazon and having a local service station install them. My car used to vibrate terribly as it approached 50 mph, now I can't even feel a shimmy when I'm cruising down the interstate at 70+mph.

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Gorilla Carts GCT-13NF Replacement Tire, 13” (2-pack)

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Best cheap 13 inch tires: Reviews and buying advice 2
as of January 2, 2020 2:35 pm

Never let a flat tire stop you again. The Gorilla Carts No-Flat 13 in. Replacement Tires feature a solid polyurethane, low-profile design, do not need to be inflated, and are a perfect replacement for pneumatic air-filled tires. These tires have upgraded carbon rubber-sealed bearings, a 5/8 bore...

User reviews

I wanted to replace all four wheels on my gorilla cart with these wheels. I only had two wheels that could still be used that I would store as spares. I decided to order a quantity of two of this offering in the hope of receiving a set of four wheels. I removed all the rust and corrosion I could with a knotted wire wheel attachment on my power angle grinder and a small hand scraper. I coated the cart with rusty metal primer and top coated some of it with a cheap spray paint I had on hand. I only received two wheels so I called Amazon and told the representative to send me the other two. She said she would take care or it and I would receive the missing wheels on Monday (it was Thursday). I told her that if she just sent one order I would only get one wheel. I begged her to send me two orders but she refused and told me she was sure I would get two wheels on Monday. Of course, I only got one wheel on Monday and called Amazon again and was told they were out of stock and had no expected date to be back in stock. She refunded one set of wheels and told me to keep the extra wheel.The gorilla cart I have has been discontinued. I store it outside in Houston with the bed liner inverted. It rusts but is still working after 10 yrs.
These are great replacement wheels! I don't know why the cart even comes with the other wheels. It should come with these. I will eventually replace the back two wheels also.Make sure you buy the right size. The 10" wheels are for the smaller 600 pound capacity cart (GOR4PS). The 13" wheels are for the larger 1,200 pound capacity cart (GOR6PS) which is the one in my picture.
I bought these to replace the pneumatic tires on a yard wagon that I bought from Sam's Club in January 2002. The wheel/tire size was 13X5.00-6 with a 5/8" axle. I haven't used the wagon in about 2 years because I got so tired of airing up tires every time I wanted to use it. These Gorilla Cart Tires fit perfectly. There are washers included with the Gorilla tires which ensures a perfect fit. Fun fact: I paid about $90 for 4 replacement tires. The wagon cost about $70 in 2002. The tires are definitely worth the cost.

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Triangle TR643 Trailer Radial Tire-175/80R13 117W

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Best cheap 13 inch tires: Reviews and buying advice 2
as of January 2, 2020 2:35 pm


Item Weight20.8 pounds
Product Dimensions24 x 7 x 24 inches
Item model number10146430720
Manufacturer Part Number10146430720
Cover IncludedNone
Section Width6.97 inches
Aspect Ratio80
Rim Diameter13 inches
Load Index Rating117
Speed RatingW
Tread Depth11 thirty_seconds_inches

Triangle TR643 ST175/80R13 C/6PR

User reviews

Have had a lot of trailer tires in the past and these guys are you guys are my number one I love the tread pattern for one I love how more spaced out it is how it has more of a wide gap in between the rubber . I love that it is a 6 ply so gives it a little bit more strength. It has a nice side side wall deep tread, that to me was the dealbreaker and this tire comes through as probably my number one pick out of any trailer tire reviews before I deafly highly recommend this.
Bought 4 tires and first time used of the tires blew out a sidewall
Item as described. Great value for the money

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Set of 2 Trailer Tire + Rim 13" White Spoke Trailer Wheel with bias ST175/80D13 Tire Mounted (5x4.5) bolt circle

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Best cheap 13 inch tires: Reviews and buying advice 2
as of January 2, 2020 2:35 pm


Item Weight60 pounds
Product Dimensions28.3 x 8.5 x 28.3 inches
Item model numberB78-13
Manufacturer Part NumberST 175/80D13
Special FeaturesST175/80D13 Trailer Tire B78-13 Load Range C 13" White Rim 5Lug
Vehicle Service TypeRadial trailer tires
Section Width175 millimeters
Aspect Ratio80 millimeters
Rim Diameter13 inches
Load Index Rating1360.00
Tread Depth0.24 inches
Rim Width4.5 inches
Bolt Pattern (Number of Holes)5
Bolt Pattern (Pitch Circle Diameter)4.5 inches

Pre-Mounted Trailer Tires & Wheels. 2-Pack Trailer Tires & Rims Bias Ply 175/80D13 Load C 5-4.5" White Spoke 13". Tire Size: 175/80D13. Aspect Ratio: 80. Section Width: 175. Load Range: C. Tire Weight Rating: 1360 Lbs.. Maximum Pressure: 50 PSI. Tire Composition: 6 Ply. Tread Depth: 7.8/32"....

User reviews

It took a little searching to find these tires. Everything I found was “L” rated, which translates to 75 mph. The speed limit on the interstate is 80 (yes, for trailers), and I was looking for something rated for a least that speed. These are “M” rated, meaning 85 mph.
Really happy with this wheel and tire, nice price, nice wheel and tire and nice shipping. Be alert though that if you have an older trailer the wheel sizing may be different. I assumed that all 13" wheels with a 5 bolt 4.5 pattern would be a standard wheel type and sizing but they are not. I purchased these for my older 1972 EZLoader boat trailer. The recess of depth of the hub is different and the ring size of the hub is larger. The depth difference had the tires rubbing on the inner edge of the outside of the fender and the ring size made them harder to bolt on. I will be able to modify my fenders fairly simply so still very happy with my purchase. Thanks
These are great tires. Fit perfectly and seem to be very well made. I put them on my boat trailer but I didn't have the foresight to realize they weren't galvanized. In other words, the tire rims will rust easily if you don't properly hose them down with fresh water after dropping your boat. Even then, you may see some corrosion after a season of boating if you're around salt water. I think if you're on a lake or river, you'd probably be fine with proper cleaning

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