Best cheap amber light bars: Reviews and buying advice 1

Best cheap amber light bars: Reviews and buying advice

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Condor TIR Emergency 3 Watt Low Profile Magnetic Roof Mount Mini LED Light bar 23in (Amber/White)

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Best cheap amber light bars: Reviews and buying advice 2
as of January 4, 2020 8:51 am


Item Weight7.68 pounds
Product Dimensions13 x 7 x 4 inches
Manufacturer Part NumberA-1182
Bulb Typeled

Make sure this fits by entering your model number.; Generation THREE watt TIR LED technology - 15 Flash Patterns; Ability to control front and rear separately -Voltage: 12VDC -Self contained internal flasher; Low profile aluminum housing - Fully Weatherproof; Size: 23in L x 5.5in W x 2.5in H - 3...

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Takeaway: Easy to install, nice control module, sturdily made with heavier gauge wires, heavy duty magnets keep the unit in position and bright enough to hurt my eyes a bit at 20 feet during the day.Details:With any purchase, the tale of the tape is... "does it do what it's intended to do"? I'm a volunteer ambulance driver in the central Colorado mountains. I did quite a bit of research before deciding on the 23" Condor TIR Emergency 3 watt red/white mini LED light bar. After all... the money was coming out of my pocket and $180 isn't quite petty cash. While I can imagine that any decent light bar would be sufficient during the night, I was worried about racing to the fire station to grab the ambulance during the daytime. The very next day, after installing this unit, I received a call at 11:15 am on a nice sunny day. From the moment I hit the hwy until arriving at the station, averaging 75 mph, every car saw the lights in sufficient time to pull of the road and make way for me... and I wasn't using a siren. Enough said!The light unit itself seems to be very sturdily built and the wires are of heavy enough gauge such that I'm not worrying about breakage but not so heavy that I cannot run them along the door frame gasket to conceal them. My ONLY complaint is where the wire harness plug connects to the control module. The protecting sleeve over the wire harness stops about 3 inches short of the plug leaving the unit as a whole seem to be a bit unfinished. Additionally, the two wires (red/black) coming from the cigarette lighter adapter accidentally, but easily, pulled out of the control module plug necessitating me to have to take 20 minutes to figure out how to get the pins out of the plug so I can re-crimp the wires back on to them and then reinsert them back into the plug. Fortunately, the seller was very responsive in answering my question as to which wire went where in the plug.I am very pleased with this purchase10/03/19 Update.... I've owned the unit for about a year now and it's still performing very nicely. The one issue which came up and which I'm really disappointed in was the quality of the rubber covers which go over the magnetic feet. After only about 6 months of use I had to take the light off the car to store it while parking in the airports extended parking for a week. Upon removing the light, the rubber feet covers literally disintegrated. They obviously were not made to handle extended outdoor use and UV conditions. Insult to injury was the $25 quote for a set of 4 replacements.... for simple rubber magnet covers... and ones that really don't last that long to boot.... NOT
1-year+ update: Light is still going strong. I bought this light 1 year and 5 months ago, and it has never left the roof. I mean NEVER. It has sat through all four seasons and all types of weather. The magnet mounts are starting to show some rust/corrosion and the boots are starting to tear thanks to our friend, the sun, and its UV rays. The LEDQ USA badges are yellow, also from the sun. It is certainly not meant to be a permanent mounting solution using the magnets, but I have no doubt it’ll last another year or two up there. If I were to take it off after work every day, I’ll bet it would be in perfect condition still. I’ll most likely upgrade to either hideaways, or the linear LED model and give it a permanent mount next go-round.First impressions: "It's smaller than I thought it'd be!" I didn't let that fool me, though. This light bar is still 23" long (that's 5" longer than a typical mini bar). It sits about 3-4" above the roof and is only about 5-6" wide. Looking at it, you wouldn't think that it packs 38 high output LEDs but it does! Super bright, too! As for the magnets, they're the strongest I've ever had on a light bar! I'm not worried about it blowing off at highway speeds or even in the car wash if I forget to take it off. The cord is a little thick, but that means it's well protected and won't pinch the wires running it though the door or wherever you decide to! I am SO glad that the magnet mounts are adjustable. I had to widen them out all the way for them to fit flush on the roof of my work truck, which has ridges. Overall, I am VERY happy! I set it to the random mode and I can see the lights reflecting off stop signs in broad daylight. It's a spectacular light and looks GREAT to boot!
This is a awesome light for the money. I've been through a few different lights and the last five years and this is by far the best one. It is bright enough for daytime use. It also came with a switch box that none of the other lights I purchased came with that allows you to control the front of the light the rear of the light or the sides of the light if you don't want the whole light blinking and you can also alternate between colors if you picked more than one color in your light. The magnets are by far the strongest of any of the Lights I've had I've been 90-100mph 415 20-minute increments and the light doesn't budge even in the rain.

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