Best cheap box springs twin: Reviews and buying advice 1

Best cheap box springs twin: Reviews and buying advice

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Beautyrest Silver BRS900 12 inch Extra Firm Innerspring Mattress and Box Spring

$751.63  in stock
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Best cheap box springs twin: Reviews and buying advice 2
as of December 20, 2019 1:52 pm


Item Weight50.6 pounds
Product Dimensions75 x 38 x 12 inches
Item model number700810102-9810

Beautyrest silver is engineered to maintain its shape and consistent comfort over the life of your mattress, so that your sleep will be every bit as restful years from now as it is today.

User reviews

If you like really FIRM mattresses - this is your choice!I tried so many of them in mattress stores, even some super "firm" memory foam ones - they were all too soft for us.My husband and I are from Europe, originally from different regions of it, but we both find the firmest mattresses the most comfortable and ones that give the best support for your back. I heard from salesmen that many people from Europe prefer firm' over 'soft'. I guess we are those people! :)I know for a fact it IS a big challenge to find this sort of mattress in US because most of people prefer soft ones. So they often don't even display them in shops.Over the last 10 years we have slept on different mattresses and I personally find this one - most comfortable of all!Believe me it is very unlikely that you will find more "firm" option than this .Not mentioning a good price.I AM VERY HAPPY WITH IT.
This mattress was recommended to me by my mother and I absolutely love it. It is extra firm just the way I like it and provides me with a good night’s sleep every time. I’ve had it for about 2 months now and I’m pleased with my purchase.

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