Best cheap midi keyboard of 2019 1

Best cheap midi keyboard of 2019

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IK Multimedia iRig Keys 25 25-key compact keyboard MIDI controller for Mac/PC

$39.99  in stock
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Best cheap midi keyboard of 2019 2
as of March 26, 2020 3:55 am

25 velocity-sensitive mini-keys; Volume/Data Knob; Back-lit, soft-touch Octave Up/Down buttons; USB class-compliant - plug and play; Includes SampleTank 4 SE Mac/PC virtual instrument

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At last, I found what I was looking for. The iRig solve my musical works. I can do any music production with it and my portable computer, any place. The free bundle software package is a big surprise, you get Sample Tank 4 SE, a complete sound instruments library and the Grid, a drums electronic kit. Ease to carry on and full-sized keys
I was trying various 25 keyboards. I am not a keyboardist but a guitarist. There’s this, Korg, nektar and others. The biggest issue with this keyboard is there is no pitch bend which I think is ridiculous especially with a tiny keyboard where we want to play little synth parts. On the iPad I can use the virtual keyboard PB and sometimes on the computer there’s a virtual keyboard with pitch bend but it’s not the same as having one on the keyboard.I tried the nektar but the pitch bend was not a normal pitch bend and the keys were a little stiff to play for me. I went with the iRig as the keys are a little bigger and wider and very easy to play. Also the volume control comes in quite handy. The sample tank software has a lot of options but it does take up some room. Honestly with logic or other programs I prefer my other keyboards sounds. But if you don’t have much software sample tank does provide a lot of options. The iRig is portable but a little boxy about 12 x 4.5 so it will easily fit into a backpack or bag.Pros: easy to play, wider keys, seems stable and solid, volume control.Cons: no pitch bend huge problem, it’s weird but the default Octave is clearly an octave high. I usually keep it at least one octave lower but this is minor, portable but a little boxier than some smaller ones.
This iRig keyboard is really nice. Full size keys and the touch of the keys feels expensive! But wait... I had no idea this came with so many instrument plugins! The plugins are worth more than what I paid for this deal. If you need a midi controller this is a great option!

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