Best cheap yo yos: Reviews and buying advice 1

Best cheap yo yos: Reviews and buying advice

Are you looking for cheap yo yos ?. Here are our pick for cheap yo yos. You can quickly check the list below and scroll down for the detail list to read more detail about the product and reviews from other customers.

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Best cheap yo yos: Reviews and buying advice 2

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Duncan BUTTERFLY YO-YO (colors may vary)

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Best cheap yo yos: Reviews and buying advice 2
as of January 1, 2020 9:45 pm

Duncan Classic Yoyo, Color Will Vary

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I was excited for my husband ( yes you read that right!) to open this in his stocking. These yo-yo’s we’re one of our favorite things as children but the quality has gone downhill apparently in the last 15 years. Mine broke within hours of opening it while my husbands broke within a day... the string is port quality and breaks and slides ridiculously simple to the point you cannot even roll the yo yo back up to your hand...not only that but as you thrust it down the string breaks and could easily be a safety hazard , taking out an eye or some fragile decor around your house.
The yo yo shipped out and arrived on time.It's NOT just like the yo yo from years ago.It's a lot different than the ones from 30 years ago.They are hollow, much lighter and thinner. Hardly any weight to them at all.It works, it goes up and down.Just seems really, really cheaply made.
Where to start...* Can't unscrew one half of the yoyo from the other to fix a string that might be caught.* The yoyo is so light that it won't "sleep" for you to do any tricks with it.* It's not well balanced. When you throw it down, there's a pretty decent chance it throw itself off centre and not return to your hand.* The edges are triangluar (ish) due to the flat surface on the sides. Meaning it stings a little when it returns back to your hand.* The string is wound, not twined causing the string to get even more wound up when you play with it causing potential knots, etc.These are all the observations I had during the 30 minutes of time I got to play with it. After 30 minutes (not hitting the floor with it), the outer ring on the non-logo side of the yoyo came unbound from the center. This threw it more off balance and made it impossible to wind the yoyo back up again.Absolutely rubbish. Save your money unless it for kids to mess with. Duncan has become the discount/cheap brand.

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